2012 Presidential Election

Its funny how back in 2008 Obama was the “standout” candidate from a very early stage, with his mantra of “change you can believe in”. This time round, with the notable exception of Ron Paul, all the potential candidates so far are incredibly nondescript. But this is how politics works. The shadow men select the individual who stands the best chance of pushing the agenda forward. The opposition, for the time the “chosen one” is in office, offer little or no credible alternative, thereby ensuring that the “chosen one” can continue in his role as the public face of the globalist agenda. In Britain, during the Blair era, the Conservative Party were a deliberately engineered mess, until the next “chosen one”, Cameron, came onto the scene.

If the American people feel dissillusioned with Obama now, then wait until his second term (of course he is going to win) begins. President’s always unroll their most controversial policies once they have secured their second term.


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