Pupils given detention for forgetting rubbers and pencil sharpeners

An all too familiar story. A failing school, and panic stricken staff driven to truly desperate measures. The rationale? To create a sound learning environment in which the intellectual and spiritual potential of pupils is fulfilled? Or to tick off a checklist on an OFSTED inspection form. The force that is really in control of this planet doesn’t want open minded, free thinking individuals who have the ability to question. Blind obedience to authority is requisite under their system, and that begins with the staff.

“Some were told to boycott the punishment as Colne Valley Specialist Art College launched a stationery crackdown on the first day of the new term. The school texted parents during the Easter break saying that children would receive a detention if they failed to bring a planner diary, a pen, a pencil, a sharpener, a rubber, a ruler and a calculator”.

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