The Illuminati Pledge of Allegiance

“These guys do this type of thing in our faces all the time. Whether it’s with logos, slogans, hand and face signals or “crafted” occult references in language, they love to signal each other.

And smirk.

One such phrase is the “thousand points of light” symbolism Magog Bush the Elder made famous during his campaign. Turns out it was nothing new, as usual. The Illuminati have been up to their “school of secrets” crap game for millennia and this is no new saying he coined.

They’re sucking up to their slithery superiors.

Nice. If they only knew what awaits them.

Bill Gates – New Kid on the Block Wants In

Of course Bill’s been in since he was handed the Microsoft dynasty when still a pimply teenager by his eugenicist insider Dad, co-founder of Planned Parenthood. Nice gig. “I’m rich and connected and get to decide who lives or dies. If the CIA wants my (MK) kid in on it, let’s do it.”

Oh how many of these wicked bastards feel and act that way.

With Bill and Bilderberger Melinda operating this, it’s bad enough calling this the “decade of vaccines” with the “Gates of Hell” Foundation brandishing their Orwellian plan to electronically register every child to supposedly keep track of their vaccines.

It’s the follow up of the globalist Agenda 21 ramp up surreptitiously underway that’s off the frikking charts”.

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