Syria’s Houla massacre: UN Security Council ‘to meet’

The long planned invasion of Syria is possibly only days away after this propaganda coup. US ground forces have been mobilised on the Syrian border for weeks. This is all part of the game plan to initiate a major war between the forces of NATO and Russia/ Korea/ China. A global crisis which will usher in the “New World Order”.

“The UN Security Council is to meet shortly to discuss the killing of at least 90 people, including 34 children, in Syria, diplomats say.

The massacre has been widely condemned by world leaders.

The UK wants Russia, Syria’s only major foreign ally, to put pressure on President Bashar al-Assad to halt civilian deaths.

The Syrian government has denied any involvement in the killings in the town of Houla, blaming “terrorists”.

The meeting was called after Russia rejected a joint UK-French statement condemning the killings, diplomats say, and is due to start at 1830GMT.

Russia is said to want a briefing from the head of the observer mission in Syria, Maj Gen Robert Mood”.

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