A time to pause and reflect: are we on the verge of a transformation, or something catastrophic, or both?

The Eurozone is on the brink of collapse, radiation levels in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster continue to rise to critical levels, strange noises continue to be heard all around the world, the forces of NATO seem to be irrevocably on a collision course with Russia and China, and there are whispers – perhaps even concrete evidence – of an impending false flag attack at the London Olympics.

The dark cabal that has covertly run this planet for thousands of years seem to have all the pieces in place. In the words of David Rockefeller, they are simply waiting for the “right major crisis” before the nations of the world accept the “New World Order”.

Or are they really in control? Perhaps that is the illusion they have spent so long trying to propagate? Perhaps there are forces in this world that are beyond their grasp? Perhaps when the shit really does hit the fan, they will pack up and run, disappear into one of the many underground facilities that have been contstructed below the major population centre’s over the last three decades. Denver airport immediately springs to mind.

Anybody who has ever researched this material will know that the elite who run this planet are committed Social Darwinists. Eugenics and population control no longer wears a swastika; on the contrary, it now wears a green face. Global warming, or climate change , is the acceptable face of 21st century fascism. It can be traced to sinister organisations like the Club of Rome, and to imbalanced Royal maniacs like George V and Prince Phillip.

Is there a major Geological event coming that will destroy the major population centre’s? Do these guys really believe they can “wait it out”, safe in their bunkers whilst the rest of humanity perishes? And what’s to say that such extinction level events couldn’t have been manipulated anyway? The HAARP facility in Alaska has been heating up the Ionosphere for over a decade, and may well have been responsible for the Haiti earthquake and the Tsunami which struck Japan. Forget Atom bombs, the weapon of the future is the weather itself, and these guys have invested billions of dollars of our taxes into finding new and ingenious ways to kill us all.

And what of the crop formations which are beginning to appear all over Europe? What is the nature of the intelligence behind them? And why is our military so determined to cover up the significance of these patterns? Is this truly evidence that there is an intelligence out there – spiritual, extraterrestrial, or transdimensional – that is trying to help us? To awaken some latent spirituality, or hitherto suppressed levels of consciousness?

There has been so much speculation about the significance of 2012, with many people regarding it either as the end times, or at least as a period of transition between one historical era to another. I for one won’t be dancing in the streets on January 1st 2013, because i believe it would be naive to interpet dates too literally.

But there is something stirring. I can feel it. A knowing or awareness that transcends the normal cognitive processes – something haunting the periphery of our consciousness – which is letting us know, if we’re prepared to listen, that huge chances are afoot.

Strap in folks. We could be in for a bumpy ride.


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