UK Republicans brace for biggest anti-monarchy protests

“Republicans from across Britain are preparing for a historic protest against the monarchy, organised by campaign group Republic, at the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant on Sunday June 3.

Protesters will assemble near City Hall for what Republic has described as the “biggest republican protest in living memory.”

Speakers including Independent columnist Joan Smith, human rights campaign Peter Tatchell, historian Ted Vallance and writer Owen Jones will address the crowd from 1:30pm.

The “loud, bold and provocative” demonstration will be in full view of the royal barge as the Queen and other royals disembark to watch the pageant pass through Tower Bridge.

Protest organisers have been buoyed by a recent ICM poll which found the number of people believing Britain would be worse off without the royal family has dropped sharply from 63 percent to 51 percent in jubilee year. This weakening of the monarchy’s popularity has coincided with a surge of support for Republic, which has seen its supporter base grow by more than 100 percent in the last eighteen months, to over 21,000.

Earlier this month Republic published a new pamphlet – 60 Inglorious Years – which argues that the Queen’s reign has been characterised by “personal enrichment, feeble leadership, and an obstinate refusal to allow real scrutiny of her role”.

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