Electronic Weather Control: Or why the UK summer has turned back into winter!

“On the Fourth of July, 1976, the former Soviet Union began broadcasting huge, pulsed electromagnetic fields from three gigantic 40-million watt transmitters which beamed those signals halfway around the world to the U.S. This electronic assault disrupted and jammed radio and television broadcast signals, enraged the FCC, and irritated ham radio operators, who quickly dubbed the signals ‘The Russian Woodpecker,’ because of their pulsed cadence.

To date, the Russians have completed nearly 30 of the huge transmitters which emit signals primarily in the very dangerous 10-Hertz range, otherwise known as Extreme Low Frequency (ELF). The technology is based on the brilliant work of the peerless electrical genius, Nikola Tesla. So, what exactly does the ‘Russian Woodpecker’ do and how does it do it? Consider the following:

These ‘Tesla’ transmitters create massive ‘standing’ ELF waves that form major high pressure ‘blocking systems’ that change the normal high altitude jet stream pattern, force it to the north, and actually retard the normal flow patterns of incoming weather systems. Ever notice the television weather satellite pictures showing the jet stream pushed north and a big stationary high pressure blocking nearly every major rain system that approaches the southern half of California?…

Regarding the 7-year drought, which appears to be rearing its arid head again, the 1/13/93 edition of Discovery Magazine stated:

Scientists would be happy if they learned one thing from this (seven year) drought: What causes the massive high pressure system to build up just off the California coast and stay there, like a double-parked delivery truck in rush-hour traffic, pushing storms to the north?
Odd things were also being reported back in the winters of the early 1980’s:

A ridge of high pressure has hovered nearly 800 miles off the California Coast for the past two months, blocking the usual flow of moist air from the Pacific.
–Time 1/1981
For the past four months, a single weather pattern…causing the drought is one of the most unusual national patterns ever recorded…such long lasting (high pressure) centers were unheard of until 1977 (when the Soviets began the ‘Woodpecker’ transmissions –ed.)
–Washington Post 2/2/81
It is important to note that the end of the 7-year California drought in the winter of 1992-93 coincided exactly with the well-documented period of intense solar magnetic storms that disrupted all electromagnetic transmissions here on Earth including the ‘Woodpecker.’

Read more here: http://www.rense.com/political/weapons/weather.htm


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