Briton Tom Grundy Attempts Citizen’s Arrest On Tony Blair In Hong Kong

“A British activist in Hong Kong has attempted to perform a citizen’s arrest on Tony Blair, claiming it was his “moral obligation” to hold the former PM for war crimes.

Tom Grundy, a 29-year-old Briton living in the country, attempted the arrest at 5:40pm local time, around 11am in Britain, as the former prime minister gave a speech about faith and globalisation at Hong Kong university.

The activist told The Huffington Post UK he had planned the action two days before the speech, and sat waiting for the former Labour leader for an hour before the attempted arrest.

Grundy said he wanted to “renew awareness” about Blair, who he claims had violated international law in his support for the Iraq War.

“In 2009 Blair admitted he would have gone to war regardless of WMDs and international law forbids wars for reasons of regime change. So that’s why I tried to perform a citizen’s arrest,” he said”.

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