Majestic 12: Conspiracy fact or fiction?

According to official UFO lore, Majestic 12 was an “Above Top Secret” study group of scientists, military leaders and government officials, established in 1947 by Executive Order of the President, the 33rd Degree Freemason Harry Truman. The group was formed in response to the discovery of the wreckage of a “flying disc”, found in the New Mexico desert by rancher Mack Brazel.

For those sceptical about such claims, the Federal government did pass a National Security Act two months after the alleged Roswell Incident, which created the CIA, the NSC, and merged the Department of War and Department of the Navy into the National Military Establishment, which would later become the Department of Defence, headed by Secretary of Defence James Forrestal. Forrestal was alleged to have been a key member of Majestic 12, and researchers have cited his breakdown and subsequent suicide at Bethesda Naval hospital in 1949 – where he had been kept under lock and key – as evidence that Forrestal was indeed privy to an extraordinary secret, one which, in the weeks and months that followed, he was unable to cope with.

Membership of the group is alleged to have included Roscoe Hillenkoetter, first director of the CIA; Dr. Vannevar Bush, chair of the wartime Office of Scientific Research and Development; James Forrestal, first Secretary of Defence; Gen. Nathan Twining, Air Material Command at Wright Patterson AFB; and a host of other top brass scientists and military officials, including Robert Oppenheimer, Albert Einstein and Wernher von Braun.

Between 1985 and 1997, many documents came to light which purported to offer concrete proof of the existence of this shadowy group and, moreover, a concerted government plot to conceal the existence of Extraterrestrial life from the people of the world. The documents have divided the UFO research community, with some claiming they are either elaborate hoaxes, or part of a wider programme of disinformation. One of the documents in question, entitled interplanetary phenomenon Unit – and carrying a War Department stamp – even implicates future President John. F. Kennedy in the UFO cover-up, suggesting the recovery of the crashed disc at Roswell was shared with the newly elected Congressman because of a “source” in Congress who was “close to the Secretary for Air Force”. The document cites that Kennedy worked briefly in Naval Intelligence in the war which we know to be accurate and factual. If the document is indeed genuine, then a radically new angle on the motives behind Kennedy’s assassination in November of 1963 presents itself.

Objections to the documents authenticity include the circumstances behind their discovery – many of the documents were not originals but were developed from rolls of film sent anonymously to researchers through the post – and several anachronisms, including the term “retro-virus” which was not in usage (apparently) at the time the documents were alleged to have been produced.

If the documents are indeed fraudulent, part of a programme of disinformation coordinated by the CIA and the Military, then what could be the driving rationale behind such a programme? Would the answer lie in the Cold War tensions of the late 1940s? An elaborate form of psychological warfare, in which Soviet spies working in American intelligence circles would be falsely led to believe that the US Military had got its hands on exotic Alien technology? Or perhaps the documents were part of a cover story to conceal from hostile foreign powers – and the world at large – that the US Airforce and Military were using exotic Nazi technology, recovered from German scientists under the Paper Clip project at the immediate end of the war. The same technology that was responsible for the “Foo fighters” witnessed by British and American pilots on bombing missions over Germany between 1943-1945.

The debate over the alleged existence of the Majestic 12 group and the coordinated cover up of the existence of Extraterrestrial life is perhaps more relevant now than it ever was, with many researchers arguing that the conspiracy isn’t about suppressing the existence of Alien life, but rather to make us believe in it so completely that we will question nothing. There are many in the research community who believe that a staged Alien invasion, using some form of holographic technology will be unleashed on the world – possibly at the London Olympics – in order to justify the destruction of major population centre’s and the establishment of a One World Government.

Read the complete set of Majestic 12 documents here:


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