New World Order Failing on Every Front…it is only an agenda after all…

“We have seen a lot of interesting developments in the last 24 hours, Obama coming out and granting a blanket amnesty for his young insurgents, lawyers for Ron Paul taking over his campaign and saying they are going to prosecute the election fraud perpetrated by the GOP in the primaries and caucuses, while simultaneously the Russians have put boots on the ground in Syria.

It would seem the Clintonistas are caught up in a power struggle that is occurring within the Bilderberg cabal. It is indeed grandstanding wherein the soviet socialists and the national socialists have each stepped up to proclaim that they are the ones to bring the American people of the American race to heel. It appears that both factions are acting out of fear.

With all the stir up over the Rand Paul betrayal being promptly dismissed by the patriot army, I believe the power elite have been caught off guard. We the people have not succumbed to anguish as expected, but rather have stood up and said, “Oh well, if a fight it is to be then let’s get on with it.”

It has now become a game of chicken as the tension grows in Syria and new propaganda is being released saying Syria’s “weapons of mass destruction” must be secured at all costs. What to do?

We will make this as clear to you as is possible, you international sleaze bags, so pay close attention. If you try to pull us into a world war, the Revolution will go hot and you will be utterly destroyed, both nationally and internationally. If you continue to attempt to ram an acceptance of the furtherance of the status quo down our throats, the Revolution will go hot and you will be utterly destroyed, both nationally and internationally”.

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