Middleton Family Tree: Does Kate Descend from King Arthur?

“The Middletons can trace their royal lineage to King Edward III, Eleanor of Aquitaine, William the Conqueror and Viviane del Acqs, Dynastic Queen of Avallon

Born 9 January 1982, Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, now HRH the Duchess of Cambridge, seems to descend from a working-class family of miners, clerks, solicitors and flight attendants.

That, at least, is the spin on the Middleton kin by the BBC, the Daily Mirror, and the Sun. They have published videos, charts and stories about the Middleton Family on their websites, and the evident goal is to persuade the public that the Middletons are “just plain folks.”

The truth is much more amazing.

The Middletons not only descend from kings; their family tree contains the very best of English royalty: King Arthur and the family of the Holy Grail”.

Read more at Suite101: Middleton Family Tree: Does Kate Descend from King Arthur? | Suite101.com http://suite101.com/article/middleton-family-tree-does-kate-descend-from-king-arthur-a368190#ixzz1yBB33ynD


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