Iceland’s Example to the World

How Iceland sacked its own government and booted out the International Banksters…

The people of Iceland have demonstrated what citizens of all nations should do:

Reject the fraudulent idea that debts perpetrated by capitalist leaders should be borne by “the people”

Arrest and convict capitalist leaders who commit political and economic crimes

Negate fraudulent mortgage debt created by capitalist criminals (April, 2012)

“Whatever fate befalls Iceland in the future, its people have provided an example for citizens the world over to follow. This is a way forward for the American political and economic system. As we’ll see in the section of this essay on Iceland’s history, Iceland has been controlled and criminally manipulated by a capitalist junta similar to the American cabal, and is still somewhat under the thumb of this junta to this day. Despite, the depredations of the Icelandic junta, however, Icelandic citizens have been able to elect a number of more progressive leaders and reject responsibility for Icelandic capitalist debts.

The people of Iceland twice voted not to repay international debts incurred by banksters, rejecting the idea that “the people” are responsible for bankster debts.

Icelandic citizens held a first referendum in the spring of 2009 to decide whether the people should pay for the criminally incurred debts of the banksters and whether their government could impose these debts on the people without their consent. Ninety-three percent voted no!

In April of 2011 the Icelandic citizens held a second referendum to decide whether to accept or reject a government-concocted agreement negotiated between Iceland, the Netherlands and the UK to pay back the British and Dutch governments for the money they spent to recompense savers with the failed Icesave bank. Covering the debt would have cost Iceland’s 317,000 citizens around $17,000 each. Again, they voted to reject the capitalist “agreement;” this time by close to sixty percent (58.9%).

This rejection of the bankster “agreement” was highly significant since current European governments, pressured by speculators such as Goldman Sachs, JPMorganChase, the IMF, and the European Commission were calling for the imposition of austerity measures on Icelandic citizens, for which they had not voted. After the second Icelandic referendum, even the pro-capitalist Financial Times on 4/13/2011 had to acknowledge that Icelandic citizens had voted to “put citizens before banks.”

To see how and why all this transpired in Iceland, we need to review what capitalist atrocities they had experienced. The economic terrorism visited upon Icelandic citizens is essentially the same as that suffered by American and other citizens throughout the world”.

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More Icelandic bankers arrested

Iceland’s special prosecutor into the banking crisis has confirmed that raids have taken place today and that arrests have been made. The Central Bank of Iceland is among the institutions under investigation.

Special Prosecutor, Olafur Thor Hauksson told that house searches are taking place in at least three places today as part of investigations into the central bank, MP Bank and Straumur Bank.

Stefan Johann Stefansson at the central bank confirmed that agents were in the building conducting searches; and it has also been confirmed that searches are underway at MP Bank and ALMC (formerly Straumur).

An ALMC spokesman said that the premises are indeed being searched and that the bank’s staff members are doing their best to help.

In other news, four people have so far been arrested today in connection with the special prosecutor’s investigation into Landsbanki.

One of the arrested parties is Jon Thorsteinn Oddleifsson, former Landsbanki treasury boss; and it is not yet known who the other three are.

According to sources, the arrests concern a brand new section of the wider case against the bank and are not directly connected to searches and arrests made last week.

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