Whilst the continent bakes, Britain floods. The UK under attack?

From the BBC website. It’s quite clear that covert warfare is being waged on the UK through the heating of the upper atmosphere and the subsequent diversion of the Jet Stream.

“Torrential rain has caused flooding across large areas of northern England, with some people being forced to leave their homes.

The Environment Agency (EA) has issued more than 90 flood warnings and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) has five in place.

Some homes in the Lancashire towns of Croston and Darwen were evacuated after nearby rivers burst their banks.

Up to 500 properties flooded overnight in north-west England, the EA said.

A month’s worth of rain – more than 100mm – fell in the North West and North East in the past 24 hours.

Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman described the flooding as “dreadful”.

“The most important thing here is for the government to invest in flood defences. We have over £2bn to be spent on flood defences in the lifetime of this Parliament and it will better protect 150,000 properties,” she told the BBC News Channel”.



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