Project Blue Beam In The Obama Era

“There’s a reason for the intense increase in UFO and alien invasion news, documentaries and movies. These are being brought forward in our consciousness for a reason which will perhaps soon come into play quite profoundly.

Oddly enough these types of stories have been in circulation for millennia. It was accepted and even “written in stone” in ancient cultures. What’s wrong with modern society? Is it all that hard to grasp that we’re not alone in the Universe?

Apparently that’s the case, or so we’re supposed to think.

This is typical of our information-suppressed and channeled world. Seems we can’t be trusted to know what’s really going on, or to be given the full facts so that we can decide for ourselves. And we know the why to that question:


If we knew the full scoop, one of the biggest realizations would blow everything sky high – that we are being manipulated–by the very Controllers who are withholding and molding our information”.

Read more here:


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