Jet Stream drives extreme weather: or rather HAARP is driving the Jet Stream!

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Here is the official explanation for why the UK summer – well, the UK summers since 2007 for that matter – have been so bad, whilst the rest of the Northern Hemisphere bakes.

It is caused by a noticeable “kink” in the Jet Stream.

With torrential rain and flood warnings in place for this weekend, it is clear the UK is bearing the brunt of the US Governments weather modification programme.

Is there a rogue element within the UK government / military that is colluding in this? A long-term psychological experiment to see how a decades worth of wet and stormy summers impacts upon human behaviour?

This is clearly an area that needs needs further research. Proving the link between HAARP and erratic behaviour in the Jet Stream is fairly straight forward and well documented. Identifying the reasons why the UK should be the apparent target of these experiments, on the other hand, is considerably more difficult.

As the video below clearly demonstrates, HAARP’s ability to concentrate millions of watts of ELF radio waves heats up the ionosphere, thereby acting as an enormous “dam” which can reroute the Jet Stream. Exactly the same type of “kink” alluded to in the BBC weather forecast.

I think its time that all residents of the UK started to write to their local MPs about this. With enough pressure applied, the issue should start to gain a far higher political profile than it currently does.

Weather Warfare Part 2


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