Why is it so wet? Even the BBC admits that the jet stream has “moved”.

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What they won’t tell you is why the jet stream has moved.

The HAARP facility, which went live in 2007, has been beaming millions of watts of ELF radio waves into the ionosphere. The heated ionosphere, in turn, acts as a huge pressure dam, rerouting the jet stream.

For the UK, this has led to floods of almost biblical proportions. According to the Express, this weather – or rather jet stream behaviour – is set to continue into September.

In the US and central and southern Europe, the blocking of the polar jet stream is leading to intense heat and widespread droughts. The farming lands of many US states have been turned into giant dust bowls.

Make no mistake, covert warfare is being waged on the people of the world.

And it is only going to get worse.


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