The movement of the Jet Stream is caused by…”global warming” (nothing to do with the heated ionosphere then)??

According to the Daily Mail, it is the Arctic “warming up” that is responsible for the shift in the Polar Jet Stream.

Complete rubbish.

Is it melting ice caps that have pushed the tropical Jet Stream further north??

What the article does highlight, though, is the impact the floods have had on people and businesses.

“In Herefordshire, which was badly hit by floods when the Wye burst its banks in April, asparagus yields are down as much as 40 per cent and potato crops by 20 per cent. Strawberries, the quintessential British summer fruit, have also been badly hit — yields have fallen by 25 per cent.
But for all that, after the wettest April and June since records began, there may, at last, be some good news. This six-week period of thick cloud and heavy rain may be drawing to a close.
After yet another deluge in the southern half of Britain on Thursday and Friday this week, it does seem as though the weather will take a turn for the better.
From the beginning of next week, it will be drier, sunnier and warmer. Don’t expect a sweltering heatwave — but you can perhaps leave your mackintosh at home.
The sun may even, whisper it, come out for the Olympics. (my emphasis).
The last time the Olympics were held in London, in 1948, we had a dreadful summer — apart from two weeks at the end of July.
George VI opened the Olympic Games on the hottest day of the year, with 35C (95F) recorded in London and the Home Counties”.

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