There’s no alibi like pleading guilty to another offence: the failure of G4S security is “problem, reaction, solution”.

It is becoming increasingly clear that if a major false flag operation is indeed planned for the London Olympics, that a potential cover story is already being prepared and implemented: namely, the failures of the G4S security team and the border agency. Here are two links to stories covering the “worrying gaps” that have been uncovered in Olympic security arrangements so far. Make no mistake, if something horrible is allowed to happen – classic problem, reaction, solution – then this would be the perfect opportunity for the globalist agents within the UK government, military and intelligence to implement a state of emergency, using the provisions laid down in the Civil Contingencies Act of 2004. The militarisation of London that is currently taking place would be extended to the whole of the UK and quite possibly the rest of Europe and the US. Following the suspension of the constitution – or what laughably passes as one – there would be a series of mass arrests, with the immigration centre’s doubling as detention camps for “enemies of the state” or “terror suspects”. After the suspension of the constitution and Habeas Corpus, homes would be searched and ransacked, property confiscated, internet sites like this one shut down, bank accounts frozen; in short, there would be a state of martial law without analogue in UK history.

The blueprint for this type of operation was established many years ago by a German Chancellor trying to remove the shackles of the Weimar Constitution.

Heathrow Border Staff Training Questioned

“The Border Agency has been accused of allowing terror suspects on the Home Office watch list to enter the UK in the run-up to the Olympics.

A senior border officer has told The Observer newspaper that inexperienced recruits brought in from other departments and used to shorten lengthy queues are failing to carry out necessary security checks at passport control.

Speaking anonymously, the official said he was personally aware that three terror suspects, all registered on the Home Office watch list, had been waved through by staff on his shift since the start of July.

He told the paper: “It’s all new faces. The rest of the staff, I have no idea where they have come from, how long they are here for, what their background is.

“These are people who have been forced by their own department to come here.”

The crisis comes after the security firm G4S announced it could not provide enough security guards for the London Olympics”.

London 2012 security not compromised, says Coe

“Security for the Olympics has not been compromised by the failure of G4S to recruit enough security staff, London 2012 chairman Lord Coe has said.

It emerged last Wednesday that 3,500 troops were being drafted in to plug gaps in security staff provision.

“We will work very hard, we will remedy this – security will not be compromised,” he told BBC Radio 5 live.

Meanwhile, Labour deputy leader Harriet Harman told Sky News the government had failed to properly monitor G4S.

The security firm has said it stands to lose up to £50m after being unable to provide the 10,000 staff it had been contracted to deliver.

Lord Coe said 100 venues and more than 2,000 sessions of sport meant “this comes together in stages and when the rubber really hits the road, that’s when plans collide with reality and that’s the reality of security”.

He added: “I can’t put it more simply than this, G4S expected people to materialise and when they didn’t, as the home secretary has said, we moved very quickly to fill that gap.”

A “prudent and judicious plan” had been put in place, he added”.


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