Spooks Code 9: were they telling us what was planned for the 2012 Olympics?

It is well documented that the dark cabal who covertly pull the strings of power like to embed their sick plans for humanity within the media in the years and months leading up a to major event, such as a false flag terror attack. The internet is currently awash with rumours and whispers that a major false flag event is planned for the London Olympics. Already we are beginning to learn of huge failures in security courtesy of G4S. Moreover, 200,000 make shift coffins have been ordered and those who were security trained have spoken about a drill for the mass evacuation of London. The militarisation of the games is more akin to a country preparing for a major war rather than an international sporting event.

In 2009 the BBC released a special edition of Spooks called Code 9, set in 2013, one year after a small nuke was detonated at the London Olympics. It makes for chilling viewing. Compare this to the episode of the Lone Gunmen in 2000, which featured a plane being controlled remotely to fly into the World Trade Center.


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