One possible scenario…

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Back in early June, the Manton Grove crop formation – entirely man-made in my opinion – was decoded as a polar clock which spelled out a specific date and time: namely, August 4th 2012, 4:58 pm. For those of you who know little or nothing about the crop circle phenomenon, the bulk of the formations which appear in our countryside are carried out by skilled hoaxers, often on the pay roll of British Intelligence as a means through which to muddy the waters and divert attention away from the genuine formations. If this was indeed the work of hoaxers working for British Intelligence, why draw attention to that specific date and time? It’s almost as if they want us to believe a major incident will occur at the 2012 Olympics.

But what would a false flag attack achieve? One thing that has been a constant in my research is the desire of the globalist clique in politics and world finance – Rockefeller, Soros, Kissinger, Rothschild, et al – to create a one world system, in which the nation states will be swallowed up and regionalised by the Superstates, which in turn will be subordinated to a global supranational body, or World Government. President Nixon officially broke America down into regions with Executive Order 11647 in 1972. In a time of a national emergency, FEMA can suspend the constitution. It would assume governance of these 10 regions, and it has the power to seize food supplies, transportation systems and move entire populations. The United Nations Agenda 21, moreover, outlines plans to move people away from rural areas and into tightly controlled – and of course heavily surveyed – “eco-cities”. In effect, large swathes of US land would be “off-limits” to the general population.

In the last two weeks, an undercover journalist – now revealed to be Ben Fellows after he waived his anonymity – has painted a truly worrying picture of the security arrangements for the London Olympics. Fellows infiltrated the G4S security team and revealed the following:

1. Plans for mass evacuation of London are being prepared

2. Predator Drones, unable to be seen by the naked eye, will be patrolling the skies over London carrying out surveillance and search and destroy missions if necessary

3. Many security uniforms are going “missing”

4. Security guards are not vetted and references are not being checked

5. Trainees are taking photographs of security areas

6. American and foreign troops have been brought into London

7. Major news networks are not interested in his findings and a media blackout is being enforced against any negative news about the Olympics

Yesterday the CEO for G4S, Nick Buckles, was questioned by MPs and torn to pieces over the inadequate security arrangements – a patsy or “fall guy” if ever I saw one. It seems as if Ben Fellows, at least on one level, has helped to provide a plausible alibi for the government should a “terror attack” take place.

If the unthinkable were to happen, and a nuclear and or biological false flag attack were to take place at the Olympics, the consequences, both long and short-term, for UK citizens would be devastating. As has already been noted, plans for a mass evacuation of London have been drawn up. Whole communities would be moved to relocation camps, and in truth, it would probably be many years before permanent shelter would be forthcoming. Moreover, access to and from these relocation camps would be strictly policed and controlled. The government would immediately suspend the constitution, and place the UK under a state of emergency and martial law. There would be thousands of arrests, and the UKs many immigration centres would be transformed into detention camps. Strict curfews would be imposed in all parts of the country, and there would be a military presence in most UK streets. Foreign troops would arrive in numbers, to help the already over stretched UK military maintain order. In the medium-term, say 2-3 months after the “attack”, the UK would be broken down into regions – it already has been under the EU – and each region would be subordinated to the military, working under the auspices of a supranational body.

In short, any false flag attack at the Olympics would see the beginning of the long prophesied New World Order. States of emergency would be declared in Europe and the US, locking those nations – or in truth, regions – down under martial law. From these regionalised dictatorships would eventually emerge a global tyranny and surveillance grid, based on a permanent state of emergency, in which the most basic expressions of human freedom would be curtailed and eliminated.

This is only a scenario, one that I hope never becomes reality.


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