So it begins…

BREAKING NEWS: Syrian ministers killed in “bomb blast”. Israeli tourists killed in Bulgaria in a bus attack. Netanyahu has blamed Iran and has said “Israel will respond forcefully to Iranian terror.” False flag, false flag, false flag. Here we go folks, its starting to happen. The game is set, the pieces are in place. This has been planned for a very, very long time. All the evidence suggests they are planning something even bigger for the Olympics. People must understand that the real terrorists are those working for MI6 and Mossad. Do not fall for this bullshit. And please, stay away from London next week.

Three men at the heart of President Assad’s defence team have died in a suicide bombing, Syrian state TV says.

The president’s defence minister, brother-in-law and head of his crisis team were at a meeting at national security headquarters in Damascus.

No footage has yet emerged of the attack in which the national security chief and interior minister were also said to have been wounded.

It comes as rebels claim to have launched an offensive on the capital.

For the past three days, rebels have fought with troops in several parts of the city, declaring their operation, entitled Damascus Volcano, a final battle for the capital.

The rebel Free Syrian Army (FSA) and a jihadist group calling itself Lord of the Martyrs Brigade both said they were behind the security headquarters bombing.

Source: BBC News

Deadly blast hits bus carrying Israelis in Bulgaria

An explosion has killed at least four people on a bus carrying Israeli tourists in the eastern Bulgarian city of Burgas, Bulgarian officials say.

More than 20 people were also injured when the bus exploded at Burgas airport, by the Black Sea.

Witnesses told Israeli TV that someone boarded the bus and a huge explosion immediately followed.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu later accused Iran of being behind the explosion.

“All the signs lead to Iran,” he said in a statement. “Israel will respond forcefully to Iranian terror.”

Iran has made no public comments to the Israeli accusations.

Wednesday’s blast came on the 18th anniversary of a deadly attack on a Jewish community centre in Argentina. Israel blamed Iran for that attack – a claim denied by Tehran.

Source: BBC News


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