Britain fears of Dark Knight Copycats: “Increased” security now at cinemas

Britain has increased security measures for the viewing of “The Dark Knight Rises” after rising fears following the multiple shootings in Colorado, United States.

Intense security has occurred in British cinemas, where bag searches and extra checks were taking place among 478 cinemas across the UK and Ireland that schedule showings of the latest Batman installment.

The largest cinema chain in Britain, Odeon, said it will be vigilant in its safety measures to protect audiences from frenzy fire.

The shootings that took place on Friday July 20 in the US, Colorado, involved a 24-year-old gunman dressed as the movie prequel’s villain “the Joker” who gassed and shot 12 people in a movie theatre.

This incident has raised many fears in Britain that copycats may be tempted to repeat a similar killing act, as a result of the effects of violent films and computer games on disturbed young people in the UK.

In the recent years, young people in Britain have been following modern American culture that has sparked unusual violence such as teen killings and school shooting sprees.


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