The Rothschild Illuminati Olympics begin…

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So it begins. The opening “ceremony” of the 2012 Olympics is upon us. A mass Illuminati ritual – encoded in the language of symbolism – masquerading as a sporting event. Billions of people will give their focus, and thus their energy, to this ritual, which involves the replication of sacred earth sites such as Glastonbury Tor, and a 23 ton bell – the largest of its kind – that will signal the end of the old world and the arrival of the New World Order. Or so they think.

There is so much evidence coming to light that these occult power brokers – working through their global intelligence apparatus, MI5, MI6 the CIA and Mossad – will attempt to carry out a false flag event or “attack” at some point during the duration of the games.

London is already virtually under a state of martial law, with thousands of British and Foreign troops policing the capital; high-tech weaponry has also been deployed all over London – even on blocks of flats – in order to “defend” the UK from a possible attack. This is the classic tell-tale sign of an impending false flag event. You will recall that on the morning of 9/11 Cheney was running a war games exercise called Vigilant Warrior that involved the very scenario that happened for real. Indeed, this was why the FAA and NORAD were powerless to intercept the planes – false blips or radar injects simulating aircraft in flight were inserted into FAA radar screens, meaning the operators were unable to distinguish between the real aircraft and the simulated flights. On the morning of 7/7 Peter Power, a former high-ranking police officer from Scotland Yard, was carrying out an operation via his company, Visor Consultants, for an unknown client – in other words British Intelligence – that replicated the exact scenario that unfolded for real. Of course, this was conveniently brushed under the carpet during the 7/7 inquiry.

A “terror drill” – or, more appropriately in this case, a large-scale military “defensive operation” – provides the plotters with an excellent means through which to carry out a false flag operation. It allows for the movement of key personnel in and around the areas targeted without raising suspicion; and it allows the plotters to abandon their plans if unforeseen difficulties arise, as well as giving those involved a plausible deniability.

As I have previously written on here, the revelations of the “undercover” journalist Ben Fellows has embedded in the public mind a narrative in which a terror attack could be possible, because, as Fellows “revealed”, security arrangements were completely inadequate. This will not only provide those within the government who have coordinated the attack with an alibi – there is, after all, no alibi like pleading guilty to another offence – it will also lead, in the event of an “attack”, to a demand for “something to be done”. In other words, it would lead to a major reorganisation of the British intelligence and military apparatus, thus putting the final pieces of the Police State agenda in place.

We have also learned that the training G4S staff have received seems to have been focused almost entirely on how to respond to an attack taking place, rather than on how to prevent one. To this end, the government have drawn up contingency plans for the mass evacuation of London and have ordered in 200,000 giant plastic coffins, which can hold up to 4 bodies each. Is this a country preparing for a major sporting event or a country preparing for a major war?

The establishment lackey and “former” MOD man, Nick Pope, ran a story in many of Britain’s major tabloids suggesting that the Olympics could be the perfect opportunity for an extraterrestrial race to reveal its existence to humanity. I have said before that I think this is pure hokum, and a deliberate red herring to divert researchers away from the truth. So what could be a likely scenario?

A series of attacks on symbolic landmarks and buildings, such as Big Ben?

A series of attacks on the underground, similar to 7/7?

A dirty bomb exploded at one of the games venues, resulting in an evacuation of London?

Perhaps a simulated attack on a member of the Royal Family? Visit for more details on this. There is evidence to suggest that the major British newspapers have been embedding this very scenario into the subconscious minds of its readers.

Do these pictures suggest the potential kidnapping of Kate Middleton?

A small nuclear device detonated at the Olympic village?

If any of the above scenarios did indeed become reality – and for the sake of us all, I desperately hope that they do not – then the legislation is already in place, waiting to be rolled out. Back in March of 2004, again as a response to the “terror” attacks in New York and Washington, the Blair government passed the Civil Contingencies Act. The Act, which received Royal assent on the 18th November 2004, replaced the earlier Civil Defence Act of 1948. The first part of the act overhauls the previous arrangements for civil “protection” in a time of emergency. In particular:

The Act repeals in their entirety the Civil Defence Act 1948 and the Civil Defence Act (Northern Ireland) 1950. Part 1 of the Act creates a new concept of an “emergency”. This term is broadly defined. It includes events which would have engaged the existing civil defence legislation (war or attack by a foreign power). It also includes terrorism which poses a threat of serious damage to the security of the United Kingdom and events which threaten serious damage to human welfare in a place in the United Kingdom or to the environment of a place in the United Kingdom.

In addition the second part of the act hands sweeping new powers to the monarch upon the declaration of a national emergency:

The Act repeals the Emergency Powers Act 1920 and the Emergency Powers Act (Northern Ireland) 1926. It confers a power on Her Majesty (or in certain very limited circumstances, a senior Minister of the Crown) to make regulations if an “emergency” has occurred or is about to occur. “Emergency” is defined broadly to include events and situations which threaten serious damage to human welfare in the United Kingdom, a Part or a region, the environment of the United Kingdom, a Part or a region or war or terrorism which threaten serious damage to the security of the United Kingdom.

The declaration of a national emergency, and the subsequent enactment of emergency powers, would be made by the Queen through that archaic process known as the Order of the Council. Although any emergency regulations would normally be limited to a 30 day period, nevertheless, the powers could well be extended should Parliament vote in favour of an extension. The only legislation exempt from these emergency powers – at least in theory – is the Human Rights Act of 1998. The Civil Contingencies Act does, however, does repel a host of other constitutional freedoms, such as the principle of Habeas Corpus and the Bill of Rights of 1689. Indeed, Britain would become a virtual police state, and many regions of the UK would be locked down under martial law, with military patrols on the streets, and strict curfews in place. It goes without saying there would be thousands of arrests, along with draconian new “anti-terrorism” legislation, and as previously noted, a major reorganization and centralisation of Britain’s military and intelligence apparatus.

Of course, all of this information, whether you choose to accept it or not, begs the question of why? Why would the powers that be – or in truth the dark cabal that pulls the strings of government from the shadows – set out to attack their own people, and bring chaos and destruction to the UK? The answer is fairly straight forward. There is a mass awakening taking place – which this blog, the freedom agenda, is a testament to – that involves a huge expansion in human consciousness and the rekindling of a hitherto suppressed spirituality, which is latent in us all. The global power structure is in a state of panic, and those that covertly control it are doing everything in their power to hack into the awakening process and “firewall” off the human mind from those higher levels of awareness that some of us are beginning to reconnect with. They understand that fear, or the manipulation of chaos, closes down higher levels of self and awareness. People will more readily acquiesce with the power structure if they believe they are under attack, and will be far more likely to exchange their freedoms – whether material or intellectual – for security. The militarization of London in the build up to the games is pure psy ops. They want to implant the suggestion that an attack is imminent, so that if it does indeed happen, people will clamour around the power structure – their power structure – for “protection”. As Herman Goering once famously wrote:

“Naturally the common people don’t want war. That is understood. But after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”

But I would like to end this short article on a positive note. Whatever happens, I believe the awakening is too powerful to control. I look at how my own awakening begun in the wake of the 9/11 attacks and how it was accelerated after the 7/7 attacks. The more this dark cabal tries to hack into the awakening process, the more they try to stop it by instigating chaos, the more people, I believe, will wake up. More than this. The New World Order agenda is massively behind schedule precisely because people are waking up to what is happening in the world, and who – or what – is really behind it. The very fact that you are reading this is evidence that humanity is beginning to comprehend the strategies of manipulation that have, at least until now, kept us in ignorance. Rest assured, there are thousands, perhaps even millions of people like me writing something very similar at this very moment. And, perhaps even more importantly, there will be millions of people just like you reading it.

The awakening is too powerful to be contained.


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