Occult symbology and the 2012 Olympic ritual: It’s all a mind game!!

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It should be clear to any open minded researcher of the New World Order agenda that the rabbit hole goes very deep indeed. It isn’t just about banking scams and manipulated wars – as important as these subjects are – the agenda is fundamentally about the manipulation of our minds and how we interface with the physical medium.

One of the constant themes I have come across in my research is the use of occult and esoteric symbology by this international criminal syndicate otherwise known as the Illuminati or the Cabal. They place their symbols all around us. They are everywhere. From churches, to law enforcement agencies, buildings, street plans, corporate logos, children’s television programmes, movies, the music industry, and of course, the 2012 Olympics. Most people are completely unaware of the sheer scale of occult symbology, but it is all around us. For the most part, it is designed to target the subconscious mind. That is to say it works on a subliminal level, below the threshold of the conscious mind. The conscious mind may not register the symbol, but the subconscious does.

Another theme I have repeatedly encountered in my research is something called predictive programming. This can be described as a subtle form of psychological conditioning perpetrated by the media to acquaint the public with planned societal changes and catalysing events. The media was awash with images of an attack on the WTC in the years and months leading up to events of 9/11. Attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon, it was later revealed, were also embedded into the $20 bill – which was commissioned years before the events of 9/11.

A central concept within the field of quantum mechanics is the notion of wave-particle duality. This is the theory that all particles exhibit both wave and particle properties. In experiments, Electrons have exhibited the same wave / particle duality as light, suggesting that all matter exists primarily in a wave-like manner. Indeed, experiments have shown that the behaviour of sub-atomic particles such as electrons change in accordance with who is observing them. If anything, Quantum Physics has taught us that at the microscopic level there may be no objective reality at all! That what we observe is always affected by the presence of the observer. As the Nobel-Prize winning physicist Wolfgang Pauli once wrote, “On the atomic level the objective world ceases to exist”.1.

Indeed, around 99.99 per cent of an atom is just empty space. Given that this physical medium that we inhabit is all made from atoms – tiny packets of electromagnetic force – then the very physical nature of our reality would appear to be illusory. However, we also understand that an atom is packed with energy – and lots of it. As the physicist Max Planck once wrote, “Energy is the origin of all matter. Reality, true existence, is not matter, which is visible and perishable, but the invisible, immortal energy – that is truth”. And the source of that energy is thought. As the astronomer James Jeans said, “The universe looks less and less like a great machine and more and more like a great thought”. 2.
Precipitation is the notion that the more we focus in on our goals and aspirations, the more likely they are to manifest into our physical reality. That is commonly understood. But what is not commonly understood is that the collective subconscious mind can also be precipitated into matter. The dark cabal that secretly controls this world from the shadows understand how reality works. They understand that their symbols are physical representations of thought forms. As David Icke has recently stated:

Symbols are electromagnetic information fields that are encoded with information related to what the symbols represent. These symbols can attach to our own electromagnetic fields and psyche when we give them our unknowing attention – energy flows where attention goes.

This is why the Cabal place their symbols all around us. Indeed, this is why images of the attacks on the WTC were embedded into movies and cartoons in the years before the 9/11 attacks, and why images of a major attack on London are awash in the media at the present moment. What we give our attention to – even on a subconscious level – we give our energy to. We are the energy source for their agenda. And we empower it on a daily basis, bringing it closer to manifestation and reality. They are using our own energy and unconscious thoughts against us.

In 1933, the 32nd degree Freemason Franklin D. Roosevelt, under instruction from his masters, placed the symbol of the All-Seeing Eye and Pyramid on the back of the $1 dollar bill. It has been there ever since. The Latin on the dollar bill translates as, “Our great undertaking, a new secular order of the ages”. For almost 80 years, millions of American people have been giving this agenda their unconscious focus and attention. Similarly, whether you are watching their films, listening to their music, eating at their fast food chains, or listening to the drivel from their puppets in the media, you are also inadvertently being bombarded by their symbols, colours, numbers and coded language. You are giving your attention and energy to their agenda, ensuring that it precipitates into matter and physical reality.

Indeed the very language we employ is used as a weapon against us. The letter A for example is the pyramid and capstone. Think of how many words begin with “con” or end in “sion”. When we write a word we “spell” it and that is precisely what we are doing – casting a spell, lulling ourselves into a semi-conscious state and bringing their agenda closer to reality in the process.

The London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony on Friday was an occult ritual on a mass scale. Billions of people all over the world gave their attention, and thus their energy, to this occult agenda, precipitating it inexorably into physical reality. The major Illuminati symbols were all on show – the flame, the all-seeing eye, the Tower of Babel (Babylon), not to mention representations of the dark energy entities summoned in their magical rites and rituals. The cheering crowds and the billions watching on television all over the world were unknowingly buying into the New World Order agenda.

All that remains now is for the major false flag attack – the final piece of the puzzle before they roll out the global Orwellian police state – to manifest as a physical event or experience. And the Cabal have been embedding this scenario into the unconscious mind for a very long time. From references in films such as 2012, to television shows like Spooks: Code 9, and words such as “kill” and “handcuff” placed next to images of the Royal family in the tabloid newspapers, the unconscious mind has been bombarded by references to an impending disaster at the 2012 Olympics. The militarization of London during the build-up to the games, moreover, is all designed to further instil into the collective mind that a major attack is imminent. The coverage on Friday was quite extraordinary and quite clearly scripted to a large degree. I counted at least 10 references to chaos in the first two hours of the show. It was also said, in an irrelevant reference to an Athlete’s career, “When the end comes, it will come quickly”.

People must understand that this dark Cabal or “Illuminati” understand how reality works. They understand that by focusing our attention on their symbols, numbers or images, even on an unconscious level, the mind can precipitate them into physical reality. Thought creates matter. It really is all a mind game.


1. Beyond Coincidence, Martin Plimmer and Brian King.

2. Ibid.


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