London 2012 Olympics false flag imminent?

It may be an idea to read the article “It’s all a mind game” before reading this. What follows is a collection of words and key phrases picked out of the commentary during last weeks opening ceremony. No one is suggesting for a moment that the commentators have foreknowledge of any plot, nor that they are involved. However, they would have been working from some scripted material and prompts.

This could be nothing, and hopefully we will be able to discard this entirely in the coming days. Nevertheless, I felt it was important to highlight just how many references to chaos and disaster were embedded into the opening night’s commentary:

lookout for a big threat

the summer bade farewell giant lost President

Expect more this time maybe from one of the most dangerous threats

Watch out the Olympic Stadium

Great Britain decimated with catastrophic earthquake 3 million people affected 300,000 killed half 1 million remain homeless but that’s the joy of the Olympics

there is a precedent for this

emerging from a traumatic conflict here in London 66

the terrorist attack Olympic

the tsunami ravaged North East coastline

the tour is filling up with Demons sheltering marvellously

genocide anticipation growing

the stadium significant at the centre played out to the public shock horror

London burns

shooter royal connections successful in London

lookout for missile seven could be the start of this

Now watch the following video again in light of what you have just read:


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