False Flag, 4 August 2012, London Olympics

Here is the link to the blog in which the previous video is featured. Just as an aside, I visited the Manton Drove crop formation back in early June. I had no doubt it was a man-made hoax, created by people on the MI5 pay roll. It was subsequently discovered that the formation represented a polar clock and spelled out a date. interpretations of the date and time differ. The first interpretation suggested Saturday August 4th, 19:45, 53 seconds. The second interpretation suggested Sunday August 5th, 16:45, 53 seconds. Were the intelligence agencies trying to embed the idea that an event would unfold at the Olympics at that exact time? Let us all hope not.

From http://truthseeker444.blogspot.co.uk/2012/02/false-flag-4-august-2012-london.html

Part One
A few months ago I was discussing with another researcher (Bessie Totten) the possibility of a false flag at the London 2012 Olympics. She reckoned that the 4th of August was the most likely date if they were to pull anything, given that she has spent many years studying the occult practices of the Satanic elite, and their most revered sacrifice dates, I had no reason to doubt her word when she explained how she had singled out the 4th August.
We both began looking into the 4th of August we conferred regularly with our findings. She examined certain aspects, and I examined others until we established a clear picture of what we thought might happen. (link to her blog at the bottom of this blog).
We thought long and hard about how to present this information, or even if we should present it, we felt we were dammed if we published it, but we would be more dammed if we did not. If they are planning a major event for August 4, our only way to stop it was to publish it, as they would be forced to call it off if someone were to publish their plans in advance. If they call off any plans they had, this would make us look like we had un-necessarily been fear mongering, but I would rather be accused of that, than sitting on this information, and doing nothing. I will now present as best I can the information we have gathered so far. If anyone has studied in detail other “false flag” events such as 9/11, the following information will be more easily understood, as you will already understand how they use numerology to give impetus to their objectives.
This excellent LINK details how many times the number eleven was used in the 9/11 False flag.

They attach huge significance to the power of these numbers.
Based on years of study of past false flags and other sacrifices they have made, we understand how they operate, how they plan these events and how they carry them out, we are presenting an hypotheses of what they may be planning.
If we are correct, they will have to call it off after this information is posted, if we are wrong, we will never know.

Visit the blog for the full article.


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