Royal Olympic plot thickens…

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August the 13th, the day after the Olympic closing ceremony, is the festival of the moon goddess Diana. I’m starting to suspect that one of the false flag events they have planned does indeed involve a Royal death or kidnapping, whether real or simulated.


Diana – Goddess Of The Hunt. (If a high-profile member of the Royal family is kidnaped, the “hunt” will indeed be on. No one should have to be reminded that William’s mother was Diana).

Diana – Diana Nemorensis – Diana Of The Wood

(The Celtic words dianna and diona, mean ‘divine’ and ‘brilliant’ respectively.)

The Goddess Diana, is the Huntress and Goddess or fertility, childbirth and the wild woodlands and associated with the constellation of Ursa Major. She is also associated with fire festivals (the Olympics has been one big fire festival), her title Vesta, indicates a perpetual holy fire in her sanctuary (the Olympic torch in the Olympic stadium). Her annual festival, held on August 13th, where she is invoked to protect the harvest from autumn storms, is the middle of summer, when the sun is at its hottest. Diana is often depicted holding a torch (more Olympic symbolism), a symbolic reminder of the fiery nature of the Goddess.

(As a brief aside, shrines to Diana were often built around groves or lakes. The alleged resting place of Princess Diana is beside a lake in the grounds of her ancestral home at Althorp. The Olympic stadium is built in the lower lea valley and is surrounded by water).

Several other deities are associated with Diana at Lake Nemi, Egeria, the Nymph of the Lake and Virbius, who, legend states, was the Greek hero Hippolytus. Diana also had in attendance, The Sacrificial King or King of the Sacred Rites. He was required to pluck a branch of a certain tree, often identified as Virgil’s ‘Golden Bough’, and slay his predecessor before taking up his office. (Will William become King in the wake of this event?) Whereupon he becomes the High Priest/Husband/Lover of the Goddess. He holds this office until he himself is slain by a more craftier or stronger challenger, a reminder of the Birth, Death, Rebirth cycle of nature.


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