Duggan’s Mum – Mark Was Assassinated

Saturday marks a year to the day since he was shot dead on Ferry Lane in Tottenham – two days later riots started on the High Street.

In her only radio interview since his death, Pamela Duggan has told LBC 97.3 she still wants answers. Speaking to LBC 97.3 reporter Dan Freedman, he said: “Why would 31 officers be around one man – they knew it was one man – and shoot him twice?

“Don’t call it shooting or whatever, call it assassination.

“I don’t really trust the police, because it took them a month to tell me that Mark died. And really and truly, the investigations that are all going through, we’re not getting answers from them.

“When will we ever get justice?”

Mrs Duggan told us about the last time she saw her son, adding: “The last time I saw him was in the garden. It was a sunny day and we were sat there. He was going up to the cemetery.

“He kissed me – and Mark never said ‘I love you’, but this day he said ‘I love you, Mum’. And he went to the cemeter and that’s the last time I saw Mark.”

Listen to the full interview here: http://www.lbc.co.uk/exclusive-duggans-mother—mark-was-assassinated-58092


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