Mars rover images capture landing site…or just more Hollywood special effects to suppress the truth about the so-called “red planet”??

CNN) — NASA released the first color images of the surface of Mars from its new rover Curiosity on Tuesday, showing a dusty, tan desert dominated by the rim of the crater where the craft landed.

The image — shot at an angle by a camera on Curiosity’s still-stowed robotic arm — shows the sandy plain ahead of the rover and the rim of Gale Crater, where it touched down early Monday. It’s the latest in a series of pictures the probe has beamed back since its harrowing landing, including 297 low-resolution color images of the final minutes of its descent.

The pictures, posted on the space agency’s website, show some of the gyrations Curiosity went through beneath its parachute, and the dust kicked up as it touched down.

“The image sequence received so far indicates Curiosity had, as expected, a very exciting ride to the surface,” NASA said in a press statement.

Source: CNN (The Movie Channel).


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