More Illuminati / occult symbolism in Olympics closing ceremony…

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Thankfully the false flag did not manifest – at least not yet – but yet again the symbolism from last nights closing ceremony was “in your face”. The phoenix rising from the flames, the pyramid, the flaming eye, even representations of the Annunaki…it was all there. The birth of the New World Order has been unequivocally announced.



  1. The use of Imagine by John Lennon was interesting. Yes, an iconic British song, but lyrics about ‘no religion’, ‘no countries’, and ‘the World will be as one’. Someone pointed out that during the rising phoenix part, they were all singing about taking over the world. I didn’t pick this up, but expect it’s true.
    I also noticed some of the newspaper print flooring had some dark headlines (for a celebration of sporting achievement), such as ‘end of the world’, and also had a graph with the headline ‘global markets plunge’, showing stock indexes crashing from 2008, all the way to the end of 2012, with them going down even further. Not particularly positive….

  2. During his final speech Mr Jacques Rogge, President of the International Olympic Committee, declared the London 2012 Olympic Games to be ‘happy and glorious’. There was something about the way he said it, it seemed to me like it was more than a reference to the British national anthem. So I took a piece of paper and applied numerology as explained on many sites on the web… I found numbers 3 and 33. Master Number 33 is supposedly very rare with powerful meaning in masonic numerology!

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