Stuart Hazell: killer or the “fool”?

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We must tread very carefully here, a young girl has lost her life in tragic circumstances. But there is something very, very wrong with this case.

In the earliest esoteric traditions, most notably the Tarot decks, the Fool is usually depicted as a beggar or a vagabond. His unruly beard may relate to the tradition of the woodwose or wild man. Similarly he is also depicted as a bearded person wearing what may be a jester’s hat; he always carries a bundle of his belongings on a stick slung over his back. He appears to be getting chased away by an animal, usually a Dog.

Was Stuart Hazell set up; a “blind fool” as in esoteric lore, unable to comprehend the powerful forces conspiring against him?

What follows is an extract from the following blog: You can read the full article by following the link. I am not endorsing this at all, it is information and conjecture. But it will give you another perspective on this tragic case.

Tia went missing on Friday the 3rd of August, Saturday the 4th was the ten year anniversary of the day the two little Soham girls went missing, is it a coincidence that this child was also missing on that date?

I could be completely wrong, and it is possible that Stuart Hazell is guilty and did commit this vile crime, the alternative is that the body was planted there by the search team. I know that most people would not even consider the possibility that this could happen, but keep an open mind, three previous searches of the house found no body, then this team, who we were told were brought in from another unnamed area find a body….This just does not add up!
Its August, the hottest month of the year, and they want us to believe that this child’s body was decomposing in the heat, with her entire family coming and going from the house!

Many years ago I was at a wake, the deceased was waked for 5 days as opposed to the usual 2/3, this was because of a council strike in the area at that time and burials were effected. Please believe me, after 4 days the smell was through the whole house and there was no hiding it. This was in June, it was warm, but not as warm as it has been this last week.
They want us to believe that highly trained sniffer dogs, with a sense of smell 2000 times greater than a human, could not detect a body in the house 5 days after she went missing! Please!

If Stuart Hazell is innocent, then who did commit this crime? Who would have control over elements of the police that this could be staged and a patsy set up?
There are Satanists operating within the British establishment, they hold positions in the highest echelons of British society, they are in positions where they can easily manipulate the police, the legal and medical professions, and just about every other area of this society.
This to them would have been the sacrifice of a virgin, it would have been well planned, a patsy set up in advance and it would have been executed with precision. (August 3rd is a major date in the Satanic ritual calendar, in which child human sacrifice takes place).

Let me make it clear, this is of course speculation on my part, and it would be impossible to prove, the influence they wield will ensure this avenue is not even investigated, the patsy has been identified and all the states resources will now go towards convicting him.

Anyone who follows my blogs will know that I have joined a lot of dots between the London Olympics opening Ritual, The Aurora shootings and other seemingly unconnected things. When they formed this huge “GOSH” (Great Ormond Street Hospital) in the centre of the Olympic stadium, underneath a crying child, I knew there was more to it, I wrecked my head trying to think of well known people with the initials SH. Nine days later and Stuart Hazell is covering the front pages of near every UK newspaper!


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