London 2012 Paralympics opening ceremony: “Enlightenment”

The Illuminated Ones

“The Age of Enlightenment (or simply the Enlightenment or Age of Reason) was a cultural movement of intellectuals in 18th century Europe and the American colonies. Its purpose was to reform society using reason (rather than tradition) and advance knowledge through science. It promoted science and intellectual interchange and opposed superstition, intolerance and abuses by church and state.”

While the Age of Enlightenment put emphasis on liberty, democracy, critical thought, and religious tolerance, it was not an utopia by any stretch. There existed powerful rulers of the period, so called “enlightened despots” who welcomed leaders of the Enlightenment at court where they designed laws and programs to reform the system as Enlightenment Absolutists.

Often, when a system is forcefully rejected, the resulting new dynamic can be equally as zealous. The resulting vacuum of power was filled by new bodies of control, such as secret societies like the Freemasons, and the Order of the Illuminati.

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