The mass shootings continue: pressure grows to overturn the second amendment

Deadly shooting near New York’s Empire State Building

A fired women’s clothes designer shot dead a former colleague outside the Empire State Building in New York City before he was killed by police.

Nine others were hit by bullets, some possibly fired by police, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said.

Those wounded suffered minor injuries and all were expected to survive.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly named the shooter as 58-year-old Jeffrey Johnson, who lived in Manhattan. His victim was Steven Ercolino, 41.

Among those wounded were four men and five women, aged 20 to 56, authorities said. They were all from New York City except one woman from Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Source: BBC News

Windy City rampage: 19 shot overnight in Chicago

Americans turned to New York early Friday for a dose of doom and gloom, but the murder scene outside of the Empire State Building wasn’t the only mass shooting site in the country during the last few hours. In Chicago, 19 people were shot overnight.

In the midst of a surge in shootings in the Windy City that have occurred in recent weeks, police officers in Chicago, Illinois were once again busy responding to reports of shots fired late Thursday and into early the next day.

Two 14-year-old boys, one 15-year-old boy and a 19-year-old woman are among the injured in Chicago last evening after a drive-by shooting in the city’s South Side shortly after 9 p.m. sent eight people to the hospital.

Within only 30 minutes, at least four separate shootings left 13 people injured, including several teenagers. By Friday morning, 19 people in all had been shot in Chicago during the evening hours, with police reporting zero fatalities.

Source: Russia Today


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