Britain considers ‘spy in the sky’ plan

The UK government is considering plans to deploy unmanned aerial vehicles, also known as drones, on the British skies by 2020, new reports say.

The move is part of a plan introduced by the British police to spy on the public more efficiently and more effectively in a country where its people are already the most spied upon in the world, British media reported.

Drones have already been used in such countries as Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, and Yemen where the US government and its allies decided to intervene militarily.

Now, the drone technology is being studied upon by the police to be deployed on the British skies by 2020.

The drone spyware enjoys the capability to put every corner of the citizens’ lives under surveillance, with a potentially serious violation of their civil rights and right to privacy.

The government had initially planned to use drones during Olympic Games but it was not proved to be cost-effective for widespread use.

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