ABC News Reporter Makes Specious Claim That Iran Is Capable Of Producing Nuclear Weapons In Four Weeks

On ABC’s This Week, ABC News reporter Brian Ross responded to a question from host Jake Tapper about when Iran might be capable of producing a nuclear weapon by claiming that if Iran decides to pursue them, they could acquire a nuclear weapon in as little as four weeks.

Ross was met with incredulity by the rest of the This Week panel, including foreign correspondent Christiane Amanpour:

TAPPER: Brian, very quickly, what are your sources telling you about how far the Iranians are when it comes to building a nuclear device?

ROSS: Four to six weeks away, if they made the decision to do it. That’s some of the intelligence. They haven’t made that decision, that’s the key.

AMANPOUR: That has been so vastly disproved. Others say that it could be a year. So, this is a guessing game that has gone on for years.



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