Cregan, one eyed symbolism, mind control, and the death penalty for shooting Police Officers

After a summer of mind control shootings in America, my gut feeling suggests that the murder of two female police officers by Dale Cregan is yet another major psy op, with Conservative Peer Lord Tebbit already urging the government to reintroduce the death penalty for shooting police officers. On a symbolic level, this killing contains all the hallmarks of a major Illuminati sting. In Egyptian mythology, the Egyptian God Horus lost an eye in his battle with Set. The one-eyed pirate, bearing the symbol of the skull and crossbones, was of course a symbol that became heavily associated with the Knights Templar. The chief God of the Teutonic people was called Odin and he sacrificed an eye for wisdom.

“In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king”.

Who is Dale Cregan and what is his background? The sheer scale of the security operation surrounding his appearance in court would suggest that this man is very much connected to the murky world of military intelligence.

From the Daily Record:

ARMED police ringed murder suspect Dale Cregan yesterday as he faced a court accused of killing four people – including two young policewomen.

One-eyed Cregan, 29, was at the centre of an intensive security operation for his appearance before magistrates in Manchester.

The Ford Transit van carrying him arrived at court – and left to take him to Strangeways Prison – in the middle of a six-vehicle armed convoy.

And when he stepped into the dock of the complex’s courtroom 16, he was shielded by bulletproof glass and surrounded by five heavily armed officers.

Cregan, wearing a dark blue sweatshirt and tracksuit trousers, sported a black onyx false eye in his left eye socket. He seemed to have lost weight and had grown a thick beard.

In the well of the court stood two more police officers, dressed in military-style fatigues and armed with rifles.

Another pair sat in the public gallery, where relatives of two of his alleged victims watched proceedings intently.

Flak-jacketed officers also guarded the entrance to the modern court complex and strict security screening was in place.


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