Cameron “we need individual effort and aspiration” to make Britain “Great” again…

So Cameron thinks the way out of this economic mess is to promote “individual effort and aspiration”. Actually, i’ve got a better idea, one much simpler and grounded in reality. We take the issuing power of money away from the private banking cartel and put it back into the hands of government (a government not controlled by the private banking cartel that it is). As long as a private banking class controls the supply of money, our money will always be issued as a debt and the deficit will continue to grow.

From BBC News

David Cameron has vowed “to get behind people who want to get on in life” to ensure Britain can “rise” again.

In his speech to the Conservative Party’s annual conference, the prime minister admitted the economic recovery was taking longer than expected.

But he said Labour offered no credible alternative and the country could only weather the storm under his leadership.

He vowed to build an “aspiration nation” driven by individual ambition – the “doers, the risk-takers”.

Taking a swipe at “intellectuals” like Labour leader Ed Miliband – who last week attempted to seize the moderate “one-nation” mantle from the Conservatives – he said: “We don’t preach about One Nation but practise class warfare, we get behind people who want to get on in life”.

Labour, he said, was a “party of one notion: more borrowing”.


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