Lets do some dot connecting….Lord “Prince of Darkness” Mandelson exposed as a potential Paedophile in March 2011

The Jimmy Savile child abuse scandal goes to the very, very top of the British Establishment. In truth that is but one part of a global paedophile / satanic network. The reason Savile or “King Jimmy” was an untouchable was because he used his connections to charities and the media to procure children for the very top establishment figures. In return he was rewarded with impunity. It has long been held that Blair covered up the findings of Operation Ore when it was revealed that senior members of his government had been exposed as high-ranking paedophiles. In March of 2011, the Daily Mail ran the following story of how Lord Mandelson – a key figure behind the Blair government and a Rothschild lackey – did not respond to questions about why the convicted paedophile’s Jeffrey Epsteins ‘little black book’ featured ten entries for him (Mandelson) and his partner Reinaldo da Silva“.

From the Daily Mail:

Lord Mandelson yesterday maintained his silence over the extent of his contact with disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein.

The former Business Secretary did not respond to questions about why the convicted paedophile’s ‘little black book’ featured ten entries for him and his partner Reinaldo da Silva.

The online contacts book had 16 numbers for Prince Andrew and home numbers for politicians including Lord Heseltine and former Northern Ireland Secretary Shaun Woodward. There were also details of girls working at massage parlours.

Epstein had assembled a powerful network of contacts encompassing the worlds of politics, business, royalty and celebrity and even Bill Clinton.

The inclusion of Lord Mandelson and an office address for Tony Blair has raised questions about the extent of his relationship with the Labour government.

But last night – some 48 hours after the link between Epstein and Lord Mandelson emerged – the former Labour spin doctor was still refusing to comment about his dealings with the disgraced billionaire.

Virginia Roberts, the teenage masseuse allegedly recruited as a ‘sex slave’ for Epstein, said she remembered seeing Lord Mandelson at the financier’s townhouse in New York.

She told the Mail on Sunday: ‘I never heard of Jeffrey knowing Tony Blair, but he did know Peter Mandelson.

‘I remember him being at the house in New York and I was introduced to him at a dinner party. He and Jeffrey talked business together. I assumed they were in business together. I was never asked to give him [Mandelson] a massage.’

Meanwhile it has been revealed that Steptoe and Son actor Wilfrid Brambell sexually molested two teenage boys back stage at a Theatre House in Jersey, near the infamous Haut de la Garenne children’s home, whilst the NHS launched an “inquiry” into Savile’s “reign of abuse at three NHS Hospitals”. It is only a matter of time before “King Jimmy” is also exposed as a necrophiliac.

From the Daily Mail:

One of the boys lived at the infamous Haut de la Garenne children’s home, the focus of a major Channel Islands police investigation into child abuse.

He said he was taken to the Opera House, Jersey’s main theatre, as a ‘treat’ before meeting Brambell backstage where he was molested.

The other boy said he was also abused by the actor there. Both were between 11 and 13 at the time.

Old classic: The boys were taken to meet Wilfrid Brambell, pictured with Harry H Corbett and Carolyn Seymour in Steptoe and Son, as a ‘treat’

Former Jersey health minister Stuart Syvret, an outspoken critic of the handling of the Haut de la Garenne scandal, said the men were among dozens who had come to him with allegations, including some against Jimmy Savile.

He told the Mail: ‘In Jersey everyone covers each other’s backs when it comes to the child abuse situation.

‘The two boys came to me about Brambell because they did not trust the police. They came to me and told me they were sexually abused by him.

‘They were both around the ages of 11, 12 or 13 and didn’t know each other so I am sure they were telling the truth.

‘They said the abuse happened in the back rooms of the Jersey Opera House – behind the stage. One of them was a resident at the Haut de la Garenne at the time.’

Brambell, who died of cancer in 1985, was gay, although he had been married briefly in the 1950s.

He had a criminal record after being arrested in 1962 for soliciting in a public toilet in Shepherd’s Bush, London, and battled alcoholism in his later life.

The Dublin-born actor became a household name in the 1960s and 1970s playing a rag and bone man in Steptoe and Son.

Yesterday health chiefs announced an inquiry into Jimmy Savile’s reign of abuse at three NHS hospitals.

It will be run by the Department of Health itself, raising fears it cannot be truly independent.

Former barrister Kate Lampard will oversee the investigation to provide ‘independent oversight’.

It will examine why the presenter was given the keys to Broadmoor mental hospital, a bedroom at Stoke Mandeville and free rein at Leeds General Infirmary.

He allegedly raped and molested young victims for decades without anyone stopping him.

There are suspicions a blind eye was turned to the abuse because the hospitals reaped millions of pounds through Savile’s fundraising.

Labour is still calling for a full independent inquiry into the scandal.

Deputy leader Harriet Harman said: ‘I think what we need to do is get to the truth. Clearly something terrible went on for many years across a number of institutions and I think we need to learn the lessons.’

A Department of Health spokesman said: ‘[Kate Lampard] will provide oversight of the Stoke Mandeville, Leeds General Infirmary and Broadmoor inquiries as well as the Department of Health’s inquiries into the appointment and role Savile held at Broadmoor Hospital.

‘All relevant information from these inquiries will be passed to the police.’

Unlike the BBC, which has issued several grovelling apologies, none of the hospitals has yet said sorry for the abuse.

Savile, who raised £40million for Broadmoor, boasted that he ‘lived’ in a bedroom managers had given him at Stoke Mandeville, Buckinghamshire, and said he could do as he pleased.

Tory MP Rob Wilson, an aide to the Health Secretary, has questioned whether Savile’s fundraising ‘made him untouchable’ at the hospital. He demanded an independent inquiry ‘so we understand who knew what and when they knew it’.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2219401/Steptoe-Sons-Wilfrid-Brambell-latest-BBC-star-accused-child-sex-abuse.html#ixzz29g1BcOwZ
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