“Red Rain” to fall on Halloween. Freak of nature or the beginning of germ warfare on a mass scale?

There is expected to be a wild fluctuation of temperature in the UK this week, with the temperature reaching a balmy 20 degrees before dropping to sub-zero, with snow forecast in the north of England by the weekend. This has all the classic hallmarks of HAARP and the manipulation of the polar jet stream. The mail claims, moreover, the red rain is dust from the Sahara although I find that difficult to accept if, indeed, we are to be blasted with an arctic wind. C’mon guys, basic Geography. More likely, the cloud seeing project has moved to the next level – seeding clouds with highly toxic substances as part of the sustained assault on the human immune system. Has the mass population cull begun? From the Daily Mail Online.

Weather is predicted to turn unusually warm this week before temperatures drop to freezing point

Red rain expected to fall in time for Halloween

The Met Office has issued a 17-hour severe weather alert for today and tomorrow int he South, Midlands and North of England as visibility drops to 50metres on hills because of the fog.

Famous skylines across the capital were totally obscured by the thick fog, but the weather is expected to warm up before a cold snap greets the country by the end of the week.

Continuing this year’s pattern of wacky weather, it could also bring ‘blood rain’ to our shores – rain carrying red dust from the Sahara desert in time for Halloween.

The mild conditions are not expected to last, with snow predicted for the end of the week.

Freezing arctic winds are set to send temperatures plummeting at the end of the week, with snow forecast in the north of England and Scotland by next weekend.

The Met Weather Office said London and the south east will enjoy the hottest weather with temperatures soaring to a very warm 20 degrees centigrade on Monday and Tuesday, provided cloud lifts.

The rest of England and Wales will also enjoy the warm spell with temperatures hovering in the mid teens, although forecasters say it will stay cloudy.

The Met Office described how rain carrying dust from the Sahara stains cars when it falls.

‘Where there has been rain in the southeast there has been red dust brought down with it. When the rain dries off it leaves a red residue,’ a spokeswoman said.

‘This could last until the early part of the week.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2221343/Met-Office-issues-severe-weather-warning-fog-leads-120-cancelled-flights-Heathrow.html#ixzz2A3O0SjwW
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  1. I deffinately think that this needs looking into. Personally I think sand particles are too heavy to be carried over to here and if they are only particles then the rain surely would not be so red? From the experiments that have been carried out on chemtrails (stratospheric aerosol injecting) there has even been red blood cells living in there and bits of metals, eg aluminium, barium etc.. These are in the rain so the water particles can tick to gem to create man made clouds. It’s easy for the government and media to tell us something and the public will believe it straight away without any evidence. Please understand I’m not crazy, I’ve just found evidence to suggest chemtrails exist and the government are not letting us in on it.

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