Cover up! Cover up! Cover up! How the establishment is trying to conceal the truth about a paedophile ring that includes some of the most famous names in British politics

McAlpine aftermath: Peers demand child abuse investigation is dropped.

The inquiry announced by Theresa May last week into Ronald Waterhouse’s original investigation of child abuse in north Wales care homes should be dropped, peers have said.

Ministers announced the probe into whether the Waterhouse inquiry last week, after victim Steve Messham alleged a senor Tory was among the paedophiles involved.

The original inquiry was criticised in some quarters for not looking at allegations of child abuse outside the care homes.
Messham has subsequently apologised for the case of a mistaken identity, triggering the resignation of George Entwistle as BBC director-general.

Now peers are calling for the inquiry into Waterhouse’s work to be withdrawn or amended.

Crossbench peer Lord Lloyd of Berwick, a retired judge, suggested that “there is no longer any need for another high court judge to go over the word done by Sir Ronald Waterhouse and that on the contrary we should all be grateful for the impeccable nature of his inquiry and the thoroughness of his report”.

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Sir Cyril Smith: Child Abuse Allegations Resurface As Victims At Rochdale Hostel Come Forward.

‘Larger-than-life’ Lib Dem MP Sir Cyril Smith is the latest public figure to be accused of routinely molesting young boys, with Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk set to demand an inquiry into the claims.

Former residents at a boys hostel in Rochdale alleged in an investigation by PoliticsHome that they had been subjected to “medicals” where they had their buttocks and testicles stroked, and their bare bottoms slapped by Smith, during the 190s.

The former Liberal MP for Rochdale, who weighed 29-stone at his heaviest, had been subject to rumours about abuse at the Cambridge House hostel for many years, but Danczuk, the current Labour MP in Rochdale, is to raise the abuse claims during a child sexual exploitation debate in the commons on Tuesday, and call for the police files on Smith from the 1970s to be released.

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Now that this paedophile ring, which Jimmy Savile procured for, is being exposed its time that the Police returned the Affidavits and the notes of these interviews. The names given by these abused children, some of whom died tragically, should be investigated anew but who can be trusted to do the investigation?

The daily mail recently wrote this article–Hague-known.html which opened up the whole North Wales Child abuse scandal up again. William Hauge and other Members of the last Tory Government covered up the fact the Peter Morrison MP Thatchers close friend and aid was named by children in the North Wales children’s homes as being a child abuser linked to an elite paedophile ring.

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