War criminal Netanyahu orders rocket strikes on Gaza


Rest assured, this vile, sick man does not speak for the majority of Israeli people. They are as sickened by this latest act of aggression as anyone. Netanyahu is a Zionist. Zionism, moreover is a Rothschild agenda to cull the population of Arab Palestine and establish a Zionist monopoly in the “Holy Land”. It found its first major political expression via former Conservative Prime Minister Arthur Balfour in 1917. Today, of course, the Star of David is the official symbol for the Rothschild controlled State of Israel. However, the Hexagram was not considered a Jewish symbol until the Rothschild’s started using it. The name “Rothschild” comes from the German “rotes-schild”, which quite literally means “Red Shield”. Mayer Amschel Bauer – who later changed his name to “Red Shield” or “Rothschild£- chose the symbol of the Hexagram because it was an occult symbol, associated with alchemy and magic.

What you are seeing unfold in Gaza at the moment is the systematic destruction of a people, its culture and its traditions. Let’s call it what it really is: Rothschild sponsored genocide

Israel is bombarding Gaza for a second day, with 13 Palestinians killed, including four children, and over 100 injured. The attack’s timing is under question with a looming Israeli election, as is the precision of airstrikes which kill civilians.

­Israel’s military operation started on Wednesday with a strike killing Hamas military leader Ahmed Jabari. Since then, reports say, the IDF has struck around 200 targets in Gaza. Furthermore, Israel is threatening to go as far as initiating a ground operation, sparking fears of a repetition of the Cast Lead scenario.

The Israeli Defense Force (IDF), which has engaged in a Twitter showdown since the very beginning of the strikes, said it targets only “terror sites”. However, this has been questioned by witnesses on social media who point out that only four people of the 13 so far killed by Israeli airstrikes were Hamas militants, while the rest were civilians, including women and children.

Civilian casualties included the baby of BBC Arabic journalist Jihad Masharawi, who lost his 11-month-old son, along with his sister-in-law. He also has a brother wounded by a strike.

Read more here: http://rt.com/news/israel-gaza-strike-election-758/


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