So “Wills and Kate” are having a baby…..quick, pass me the sick bag.


So after a quiet couple of months in the wake of the sickening Jubilee celebrations, the Royal propaganda machine is back in full swing after it was announced that Kate Middleton is pregnant.

Oh great. Oh joy.

Pass me the sick bag please.

For those of you with memories even shorter than a goldfish, may I remind you that the Monarchy is deeply implicated in the Jimmy Savile child abuse scandal. But hey, Wills and Kate are having a baby, so who cares.

The Windsor / Saxe-Coburg-Gotha bloodline is an ancient ruling bloodline that stretches back thousands of years, to ancient Egypt, Israel, and of course, Sumer.

So Kate has a bit of morning sickness. Nothing compared to what I will feel after a 9 month propaganda campaign by a docile and ignorant mainstream media.


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