Another SEAL Team Six Member ‘Dead’


Yet another member of the highly touted Navy SEAL Team Six, who allegedly carried out the dubious raid on Bin Laden’s compound, has wound up dead according to Fox News.

The death reportedly occurred during the rescue of an American doctor over the weekend, who had been kidnapped five days prior outside of Kabul by the Taliban.

While the identity of the SEAL has not been disclosed, the reported death joins a list of other stories that suggest SEAL Team Six are dropping like flies following their supposed involvement in the May, 2011, operation.

It was reported in August last year that 22 Navy SEALs, most of whom belonged to Team 6, died after their helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan [1]. This was the largest loss of life in a single day since the 2001 invasion.

So far there is absolutely nothing to corroborate the official US Government’s account of what happened at the alleged Bin Laden compound, nor whether anything did indeed happen at all.

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