Sandy School Shooting: Obama is coming after your guns!!


So the major bloodline puppet Obama pretends to cry over the shooting of school children at Sandy Elementary School. Yet every day US drones continue to maim and kill innocent children in places such as Afghanistan, Syria and Libya. This was an appalling tragedy, and our hearts go out to the families of those children who were ruthlessly and needlessly killed. But let’s take a step back and look at the bigger picture. I guarantee that the culprit will be yet another mind controlled stooge doped up to his eye balls on all kinds of mind altering medication, just like James Holmes.

I predicted the Obama administration would become far more extreme in its second term and this is only the beginning. It is essential for the agenda that the US corporation that masquerades as the American Republic disarms its citizens before it can lock the nation down under martial law.

But let’s go even deeper. We are dealing with an interbreeding bloodline cabal that has the abuse, torture, murder and sacrifice of children as the corner-stone of its agenda. Here in Britain, we are seeing the establishment desperately try to cover its tracks in the wake of the Jimmy Savile child abuse scandal. A scandal that has the potential to expose the paedophiles that operate at the highest levels of power.


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