Tony Blair gives backing to British involvement in Mali


It is often assumed that career politicians like Blair lose their power once they step down from public office. In truth, however, the likes of Blair continue to gain even more influence once they are safely on the periphery of public life. Blair is now one of the dark suits that drives the agenda from the shadows. He has, after all, served his masters well so far.

Tony Blair today said Britain was right to send troops to support the French effort in Mali to put down a terrorist attempt to overthrow the country’s government.

The former Prime Minister likenend the West’s fight against al Qaida to the battle against revolutionary communism and warned it could last for a generation.

Mr Blair added David Cameron faced difficult decisions to fight terrorism, but warned the cost of standing aside would be far greater.

Britain at least had to try and “shape” events in the Middle East, he added, telling the BBC’s Andrew Marr show that in Syria there was already a danger the more extreme elements of the opposition forces fighting president Bashar Assad’s regime would take over.

Mr Blair said: “I think we should acknowledge how difficult these decisions are.

“Sometimes in politics you come across a decision which the choice is very binary, you go this way or that way and whichever way you go the choice is very messy.

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