Comic relief is a sick joke

comic relief


Charity should not even be a word in a world of plenty.

People need to realise that the only way Africa will ever recover is to end the vile policies of the IMF and the World Bank. Nothing will ever change until Third World debt is scrapped. The European Empires never went away…they just swapped overt control for covert financial control. And financial control based on what? Worthless fiat money backed by nothing!! Comic relief is about the shallow egos of the so-called “celebrities” who front it…and the mindless masses who gorge on celebrity culture. Want to make a difference….then stop acquiescing with a financial system that reduces over a third of the world’s population to poverty.

This is a small extract from my book, from Chapter 5: Monopoly Men:

“The World Bank has been one of the primary tools through which the Cabal have destroyed the economic self-sufficiency of developing nations and burdened their economies with an ever increasing mountain of debt. Its stated role is to make loans to governments for large capital projects, especially those in developing countries. But, of course, using the tried and tested method of creating money out of thin air and lending it with interest – the modus operandi of the Babylonian Banking Clan – the World Bank have rendered the governments of the world, especially those of Third World or “developing nations” dependent on the monopolists global economic system…

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is also another debt creation mechanism designed to ensnare the nations of the world and hand over control of national economies to the monopoly men…The IMF is dominated by the US and Western Europe. It is vital to understand that the capital they provide to the fund is worthless fiat money created from nothing by the Rothschild dominated financial priest class. The IMF is permitted to “monitor” the economies and financial policies of its member nations – a phenomenon that is referred to as “surveillance” – and strict conditions are imposed on countries who apply to borrow funds…It has been well documented that IMF policy conditions have had an incredibly negative impact on Less Developed Countries (LDCs), retarding, rather than facilitating, economic development. But, of course, that was the point”.

I don’t think I heard any of last nights so-called “celebrities” even address the underlying causes of poverty in Africa and the Third World. I am absolutely sick of the fake moral piety of these over paid and talentless morons pontificating over issues of which they have no real understanding.


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