The Weather War: UK and Northern Europe under attack

Weather Jet stream Graphic


If anyone still believes the weather hasn’t been corporatised or weaponised, then they truly have got their heads stuck up their proverbial backsides. The “Beast from the East” has once more left the UK in chaos as freezing temperatures and snow have brought the country to a virtual stand still, with the prospect of “gas rationing” looming. Of course, none of these weather events are “natural”. On the contrary, the freezing temperatures are being caused by a diversion of the Jet Stream. The Jet Stream is currently hundreds of miles off course from where it should be at this time of the year, allowing this cold Arctic / Scandinavian air to sit over Northern Europe for weeks on end, at a time of the year when warmer air should be reaching our shores.

For once, I don’t believe HAARP is to blame. I believe that similar HAARP type facilities in Norway and Russia are responsible for creating this diversion of the Polar Jet Stream. The Soviets used this type of technology against the US in the late 1970s. It was known as the “Woodpecker”. In a nutshell, these facilities, comprised of giant radio antennas, have been heating up the ionosphere by broadcasting millions of watts of ELF radio waves. The heated ionosphere acts as an “atmospheric damn” rerouting the Jet Stream hundreds of miles off course. What little sun we have had in recent weeks, moreover, has been filtered out by the chemtrails, thereby ensuring that temperatures have not reached their full peak during the sunny weather.

The question on everyone’s lips must be, therefore, why? Why would governments engage in a weather war against their populations? Control of the weather is control of the planet. Our weather dictates our mood, our health, where we can go, what we can eat. The crazies in the global control structure have tapped into the power of God. They alter the weather simply because they can. Like an irresponsible youth driving his car for the first time with reckless abandon, they have set about disrupting global weather patterns in every which way they can. It is the ultimate weapon. A silent weapon for a silent war.

People must stop looking at these weather events in isolation and instead identify a larger pattern. Since the HAARP facility went live in 2007, the UK has not had a decent summer. Last summer was one of the wettest on record, again caused by the Jet Stream coming in hundreds of miles off course. At the same time, the US was turned into dust bowl after a summer which produced record-breaking temperatures and a widespread drought. The consequences for farmers in the US and the UK as a result of these extreme weather patterns has been devastating. But of course, that is the point. Is it just a coincidence, moreover, that energy bills have soared in recent years as the winters have got longer and colder? Of course not. This is an all out assault on humanity. They aim to break us. Financially, physically, and of course, spiritually.

This is a link to a story in the mail during the severe winter of 2010.

How a freak diversion of the jet stream is paralysing the globe with freezing conditions

The freezing conditions that have blasted Britain are being blamed on a series of weather patterns that are bringing Arctic temperatures to much of western Europe, California and even Australia.

One of the main factors is a change in the position of the jet stream – the fast-moving current of air that moves from west to east, high in the atmosphere.

Changes in the jet stream’s path can cause massive changes in weather conditions across the globe and may be why Australians are now shivering their way through summer and the current freezing conditions in California.

In a normal British winter – when conditions are mild and soggy – the jet stream lies over northern Europe, at an altitude of between 35,000 to 50,000 feet.

During these grey winters, Britain’s prevailing winds come from the west and south west, and bring with them warm and moist air from the sub-tropical Atlantic.

This year a high-pressure weather system over the Atlantic is blocking the jet stream’s normal path and forcing it to the north and south of Europe.

The areas of high pressure act like stones in a stream – blocking the normal flow of milder air from the west and instead forcing colder air from the north down across the UK.

In California more than 12 inches of rain has fallen in parts of the Santa Monica Mountains in the south and 13 feet of snow has accumulated at Mammoth Mountain ski resort.

And Australians expecting to bask in early summer sun this Christmas are instead shivering as icy gusts sweeping up from the Southern Ocean have blanketed parts of east coast states New South Wales and Victoria with up to four inches of snow.

When the jet-stream is blocked by high pressure it dips southwards and lets freezing air flood in from the Arctic regions

Other weather patterns are also causing havoc across the may also be affecting the weather, such as the current in the tropical Pacific Ocean, called La Nina, which is disturbing the jetstream over the north Pacific and North America.

A combination of our usual wet Atlantic weather systems striking these freezing cold fronts results in huge amounts of snowfall – and brings Britain grinding to a halt.

A Met Office spokesman: ‘The problem is we are not getting the warmer Atlantic air that normally keeps our winters mild.’

‘We can see that it is unseasonably warm over Canada and Greenland, this is where warm air has been diverted.’

He said that any change in the pressure over the Atlantic would need to last for several days before we would notice any change in the weather in Europe.

Freezing-cold winters and milder winters tend to cluster in groups, as the jet stream changes its path.

Experts are still unsure why this is but suspect it may be related to the EL Nino weather system as well as changes in sea temperatures and solar activity.

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Again via the mail, a link to a story from last summer.

So THAT’s why it won’t stop raining! Britain’s miserable weather is all down to the jet stream

Although we didn’t realise it at the time, in years to come we will probably regard the sight of the Queen and Prince Philip shivering above the churning Thames during the Jubilee river pageant as the perfect emblem of what may prove to be the wettest, windiest washout of a summer in living memory.

The rain has been positively Biblical. Floods have swept across Wales, Yorkshire, Dorset, Somerset and Devon. On Sunday, play at Wimbledon was suspended and Murray and Federer finished the match beneath Centre Court’s retractable roof.

On Monday, the hosepipe ban — which had seemed increasingly farcical as sodden week followed sodden week — was lifted.

As homeowners in the North of England contemplate their flooded living rooms, 2ft deep in mud and silt, and ice cream-sellers grimly survey damp, deserted beaches, many will find themselves looking for something to blame. And, for once, it can’t be our politicians.

In fact, our miserable, grey weather is all the fault of the jet stream. This powerful conveyor belt of winds in the upper atmosphere that swoops our way across the Atlantic bears much of the responsibility for whether we enjoy bright springs and balmy summers, or a soggy April followed by a damp May, June and July.

The jet stream marks the boundary between cold polar air from the north and warm tropical air from the south. It’s found where temperature contrasts, across short distances, are greatest.

It is these stark variations in temperature that provide the energy that drives this narrow stream of powerful winds.

The jet stream exerts a decided influence over the weather we experience. It affects the strength of the depressions we see on TV weather charts — and these depressions routinely bring widespread rain and often strong winds, too.

When the jet stream is blown by strong winds from the west, it heads north towards polar latitudes, leaving Britain — safely insulated below it — in a region of relatively high pressure, giving us dry and sunny weather.

But when the jet stream is relatively weak, it meanders widely, rather like a sluggish river, and can dive southwards towards the tropics. Our pressure then becomes relatively low, and we end up with weeks or months of cloud and rain.

This year, the jet stream, unfortunately, has shifted south, condemning us to damp, overcast weather.

Throughout the Nineties and the early 2000s, the jet stream blew powerfully from the west across the Atlantic Ocean and the distribution of weather across Britain was normal, with just a few exceptional droughts and wet periods.

Since 2003, however, the flow has been meandering, and as a result the weather has appeared to get stuck in a rut.

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