At last the mainstream media have started to report the causes of the UK’s extreme weather…although the Elephant in the living room still goes unreported!!

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The Russian HAARP facility at Sura.

The Russian HAARP facility at Sura.

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Apparently the Jet Stream has “split in two”. Of course it has. And this is the clearest indication yet that a weather war is being waged on the people and the economies of the UK and Northern Europe. The great bulk of the Jet Stream has been rerouted to Northern Africa, resulting in the warmer air which would normally enter our shores being directed hundreds of miles off course. However, a “rouge” band of the Jet Stream is still able to deliver the wet weather, albeit not in sufficient strength to overcome the “blocking high” situated over Northern Europe. The result, as we have seen, is widespread and paralysing snowfall.

I am in no doubt that the manipulation of the Jet Stream over the last five years stems not from the Alaska based HAARP but the HAARP facility based in Sura, near Vasilsursk, Russia. Let us not forget that the Russians had discovered the military potential of ionospheric heating almost four decades ago. The so-called “Woodpecker” facility was waging a covert weather war against the US and Northern Europe in the late 1970s / early 1980s, resulting in a series of long dry summers and drought like conditions in the Northern US. Similar, in fact, to what was experienced last summer in the US and Northern Europe, with the notable exception of the UK.

The timing of these extreme weather events is also significant, occurring precisely at a time of the year when such a cold spell can wreak the most havoc. The impact on agriculture and food prices – it must be observed – will prove catastrophic. What’s more, the hidden hand behind these extreme weather events can be discerned simply by following the money. With its vast reserves of gas fields, and gas rationing looming in the UK, the Russian oligarchs, and their corporate / technocrat masters, have us all firmly over the “barrel”.

The article from today’s Mail:

The UK could face biting winds and flurries of snow for another month, as the cold conditions show no signs of relenting in time for the Easter weekend – and are predicted to stick around for much of April.

And the root of the delay in the Spring weather is a jet stream, a high altitude belt of wind, which normally brings milder weather.

The jet stream has been pushed to an unusually southerly location, and is currently flowing around the north of Africa.

Helen Chivers, from the Met Office, explained that the polar jet stream which typically affects the UK, has split in two and has been blocked from moving by a band of high pressure.

The fast flowing band of wind, responsible for ‘moving’ the weather around, is now sitting at the north of the UK and the south of the Mediterranean.

A block of high pressure means the jet stream cannot move, and not usher in western weather, which tends to be milder than the cold eastern winds that the UK is currently experiencing.

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