Is Rolf Harris the 82 year old man arrested as part of the investigation into “Savile and others”?


The malevolent force that controls the global political and economic structure also controls the so-called “entertainment industry”. To get anywhere within this industry, one has simply to comply with the despicable predilections of the dark suits who run it. There is a global paedophile / Satanic network that is currently undergoing a massive damage limitations exercise. It looks as if Rolf Harris could well be the next individual deemed to be expendable.

If anyone is still in any doubt that the 82 yr old man arrested by Operation Yew-tree detectives is Rolf Harris, clock the fact that the 82 yr old is now being referred to as the 83 yr old in the National press.

Yes, it was Rumpy-pumpy Rolfs 83 rd birthday yesterday (30/3/13)… Bet that was a bundle of fucking laughs.

Course, it is quite obvious that the MSM propaganda machine is working overtime in a bid to sway public opinion into the usual wrong is right and vice versa way of thinking. You only have to ask yourself why, not one of the MSM newspapers or TV News programs has named Harris to realise that.

Now, don’t go thinking that the reason he hasn’t been named is because the MSM are taking the high moral ground and adopting the old ‘innocent until proven guilty’ stance. The MSM are devoid of morals. Remember, they had no qualms what so ever about naming convicted nonce Gary Glitter.

Likewise, the MSM name and be dammed policy also applies to has been’s such as DLT and politically incorrect stand-up comedians Freddy Starr & Jim Davidson – both of whom are shunned by TV Executives.

Moreover, and as I said yesterday, there is no injunction in place to prevent the MSM from splashing the singer of dubiously titled songs’s, name all over the front pages.

But they haven’t.
It is in fact a bit of a mystery exactly why Roving-Eye Rolf’s wife has stuck by him. You see, not withstanding all the rumours surrounding Harris’s ’hands on’ approach towards the likes of TV’s female wardrobe dressers and make-up artists, the weirdy beardy fella is a manic depressive, prone to long spells of depression.

On top of that, he is apparently plagued with self doubt, is by his own admission, very needy and is reported to take himself very seriously. In other words, he’s a typical Knob Ed Celeb, with a Jeckyl and Hyde character. The following anecdote taken from the Daily Mail sums the real Harris up perfectly:

John Lennon once grabbed a microphone during Rolf’s act and told jokes. Rolf lost his rag, telling the Beatle: “**** up your own act if you want to, but don’t **** up mine.” I wonder if, deep down, he thinks he is a fraud. When the Rolf Harris Show was cancelled at the end of the Sixties, he says he expected it.

As it happens, living with a self obsessed, selfish, philanderer almost did get too much for Alwen in their early years of marriage. In fact, by her own admission she wrote in her diary that she was contemplating suicide due to her loneliness.

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