Geoengineering researcher David Lim calls for halt to weather manipulation


An excellent article and presentation. Please share this far and wide. Please write to your local MP. It’s about time the veil was lifted and the geoengineers and their corporate / military masters were exposed, along with their vile agenda.

A RESEARCHER from Sherborne is calling for a halt to geoengineering.

Geoengineering is the science of modifying weather to moderate global warming, and doctoral researcher David Lim is among a growing number of scientists who believe the government is currently influencing the weather without public consent.

David showed video footage and photographs of aircraft leaving persistent contrails over Dorset, engineering patents, academic papers, political documents, rain water test results and NASA studies.

He explained that one method of geoengineering method involves spraying chemicals into the atmosphere from aircraft to reflect sunlight back out into space.

“Many locals were aware of persistent aeroplane contrails, but thought they were normal,” he explained.

“Having presented the basic concepts, circumstantial evidence and controversial perspectives surrounding climate change, I hope that others can now begin to start questioning what is happening above our heads,” he said.

“When you help people connect the dots with this body of research, they usually start to take notice. The negative health impacts associated with these chemicals usually hits home.”

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